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ICANN Approves VeriSign's .com Monopoly
ICANN Approves VeriSign's .com Monopoly
by Afternic.com on 4/3/01 at 09:42 AM EST
Click for full story: ICANN Approves VeriSign's .com Monopoly
It appears that VeriSign is going to control the .com registry for all eternity following a decision by ICANN Monday which guarantees it ownership until November 2007, and sweetens the pot with an option to renew for four years thereafter.

News story?
StanleyE 4/3/01 10:56 AM EST

Why are you using the term 'news story'. You just made an unsupported statement of opinion!!!

critics on the decision ICANN/Verisign
xmxdom 4/3/01 11:42 AM EST

This article is rather critic on the decision ICANN/Verisign.

It seems to me that monopolies are not allowed in the modern economy, for the good of all the parts involved.

Should the Anti-Trust consider this economic sector?
Can the one of Verisign be considered a Monopoly?

I don't know all the aspects of this agreement and of the registries sector, but I hope that who is in charge of controlling this business do the right thing for the good of all.

Afternic Quote of the Week BUT....................
xmxdom 4/6/01 11:09 AM EST

I strongly desire to point out that the opinion expressed was a comment to a full article which (the article) presented the Verisign situation as a monopoly.

My entire post means to criticize the "essence" of the monopoly concept, which is considered as a negative factor for economy in the modern thought.

My entire post is more focused on calling attention on the possible risks of monopolies in general in the internet industry, and did not reported Verisign as a monopoly, in fact it is clearly written that I don't know all the aspects of the agreement ICANN/Verisign, but I wrote consideration based on the details of a news article.

Please Afternic, do not make it appear as if it was me that said that Verisign is a Monopoly, as I simply added comments and suggestions to an article you posted.

xmxdom will stop here his Afternic posts for a certain time.

My hope is that the next future will bring more good sales than quotes of the weeks, as per today the score in Afternic is:

sales 0 - quotes 3

tHiNk DrEaMs (and keep them for yourself...)


My Goodbye to Afternic Forums & Users
xmxdom 4/9/01 09:21 AM EST

I desire to say goodbye to the Afternic Forums with a public post.

I spent quite a lot of online time in the last months in these forums (in fact you will find a link to these forums also on the forums sections of my website MarketersOnly.com).

I learned quite a lot of new things, and not all of them have been nice anyway.

I desire to address my goodbye to all the users that shared their advices, thoughts and opinions, and also their simpathy.

Some of the Afternic users preferred not to show simpathy or share advices but to make it harder to others unfortunately, this in my opinion only make it all more difficult.

I reduced also the names of my Afternic showcase, but if there is some buyer (?) fond of type in traffic domains here there are some interesting details.

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You can bid for them clicking on my username above the title of this post.

Once again goodbye to you.



Another One Bites The Dust . . . . . . . . . . . .
addideas1 4/9/01 12:34 PM EST

Greetings xmxdom,

The mass exodus from Afternic continues. Your contributions will be missed. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Gian, Hope you will consider keeping in touch via our Private Members Area.

Warmest Regards and Thanks for Posting.

Yours For Success,

Darren Ott
Chief Financial Officer
Add Ideas/Adgrafix
Phone/Fax: (403) 259-3318
Cellular: (403) 863-0515
E-Mail: mailto:[email protected]
Office Firetalk #1895262
ICQ - Laptop #87254930
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Visit http://www.AddIdeas.Adgrafix.com

Unfortunate & unappreciated subject of post.......
xmxdom 4/9/01 09:03 PM EST

as was then explained by email.

Controversial posts could be easily avoided, by many users of the Afternic Forums.



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