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Most Recent Posts: Business Resources

Business Resources: Trends
Are You a Cybersquatter? (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/25/01 08:20 PM EST
Cybersquatting is being defined in the media to include a widening circle of domain owners

Business Resources: Marketing
Please advise on marketing a set of eBorne dot-com (New Thread)
names4sale1 4/25/01 06:24 PM EST
We have the following eBorn dot-com collection for sale eBorneExpress.com eBorneCash.com eBorneDrugs.com eBorneFlowers.com eBorneGifts.com eBorneMail.com eBorneMovies.com e...

Business Resources: Marketing
E-Marketing on a Shoestring (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/25/01 10:25 AM EST
Not every marketer on the Web has a multimillion-dollar budget. But many small sites with very limited budgets manage to attract sizable followings without the benefit of huge spon...

Business Resources: Trends
Pure advertising - forget it! (9)
kuli 4/25/01 05:47 AM EST
This is pure advertising in its worst. You only write this to make money, not to tell us your real opinion. It's useless to pay that much money for a 3rd level domain. Why sho...

Business Resources: Marketing
I agree. How about... (43)
JustWinBaby 4/24/01 08:42 PM EST
Hello, I agree about the general value of easy to remember and easily marketable names. With that in mind, I have a couple of newly acquired domain names to ask your opinion on...

Business Resources: Tech
I can already do this NOW! (1)
vHip 4/23/01 07:56 PM EST
I should have a working "enum" in the next week or so...it will be my phone number, fax number, email address, web address, etc all in one.

Business Resources: Marketing
PLEASE EVALUATE vual.com and zmej.com (New Thread)
names4sale1 4/23/01 04:05 PM EST
Would appreciate your evaluations.

Business Resources: Marketing
Europe Learns Its E-Commerce Dos and Don'ts (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/23/01 11:46 AM EST
A U.S. e-tailer attempting to make inroads in Europe still has to contend with regional taxes, language barriers and shipping logistics, making it much easier for most Europeans to...

Business Resources: Tech
Phone Plus E-Mail Equals One Number (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/23/01 10:42 AM EST
Patrik Falstrom has outlined a plan to allow a phone number to also serve as the basis for someone's e-mail address. The arrangement would effectively allow a person to reach all k...

Business Resources: Marketing
Carlos (7)
josephn 4/23/01 12:19 AM EST
Been out of town since Thursday, but I will review this site over the next couple of days and send you an e-mail detail. If you don't have an e-mail contact on your site, visit ...

Business Resources: Marketing
Thanks, but not this time (2)
philjacombs 4/22/01 11:20 PM EST
I am really only interested at the moment in the one domain on which I have bid. But thanks for the offer.

Business Resources: Marketing
some are good (24)
JW2001 4/22/01 06:52 PM EST
I agree. Forget about useless posts of some of the members here.

Business Resources: Marketing
some can work good (3)
JW2001 4/22/01 06:43 PM EST
some can work good

Business Resources: Marketing
good generic name (12)
vovale 4/22/01 03:54 PM EST
I agree, for about $15 - $40 you can purchase a good generic name from my selection and bring a lot of traffic to your main website. 100DomainIdea.com

Business Resources: Marketing
ezdotcoms...........are the winners....$$$$$$$$$ (42)
mrdots 4/22/01 02:39 PM EST
Easy, Sexy, Catchy, Shorter, right on the target of your business otherwise you will spend more money on advertisings ( business.com gets 1000's of daily hits, just because of the ...

Business Resources: Marketing
Traffic Catcher Domain names (11)
jduran1 4/22/01 01:40 PM EST
As a member of the domain name investment community who owns and buys traffic catcher domain names this is bad news. What are other thoughts.

Business Resources: Marketing
You need to (23)
lucner 4/22/01 10:02 AM EST
... know that you're a basty GUY. If you do not have nothing useful to say, you better close it. You are the only one who says that my names are worthless. Nasty!!!!

Business Resources: Marketing
Not getting ANY bids !!! (New Thread)
lucner 4/21/01 05:04 PM EST
Could someone tell me why I don't receive any bids for my domains? Thanks.

Business Resources: Marketing
mikeyb123 4/21/01 04:58 PM EST
Hello Afternic members,I own the following group of telecom-related domain names, and would like to get som opinions as to what you may think the whole group of 29 names may be val...

Business Resources: Marketing
Quality names for sale (New Thread)
lucner 4/21/01 04:56 PM EST
Some of my quality domains: Loan4Sure.com DomainExit.net SmarterBidding.com BikiniSecret.com BirthPlanning.com SmarterBuying.net BizHelpU.com ...

Business Resources: Marketing
Do You Want a Quick Close (backstreet)? (1)
lucner 4/21/01 04:41 PM EST
Have you seen my domains?

Business Resources: Marketing
seo (10)
domainforum 4/21/01 04:31 PM EST
The amount of money this company spends to be at the top of google must be amazing, but take a look at the no4 spot and then do a link check on them and see how important an advert...

Business Resources: Marketing
further information? (9)
oldboy 4/21/01 02:04 PM EST
coldfusion, A very interesting post. Would you privately email their url to me at: [email protected] Many thanks

Business Resources: Marketing
Traffic to your website (New Thread)
see 4/21/01 04:47 AM EST
The procedure is simple. You start your browser and each time you do that and wait a few seconds, you'll get a credit. For every 2 credits you'll get 1 visitor back to your website...

Business Resources: Marketing
How can I get my Domain(s) Appraised?? (New Thread)
surbaugh 4/20/01 11:21 PM EST
How can I get my Domain(s) Appraised? I have 2 domains listed on afternic which I hope to get sold quicly. But I have turned 2 other websites over to a Christian Charity and can'...

Business Resources: Marketing
Stinks (8)
surbaugh 4/20/01 11:12 PM EST
I don't have time nor money to register my domains or the domains I am affiliated with, It is dreadful that they would charge just to register names -- soon all we will have in the...

Business Resources: Marketing
Please review my website, PrintDay.com (6)
whisperWow 4/20/01 06:31 PM EST
Thanks for the offer, Joseph. I would appreciate if you did review my website. If you want me to contact you directly, I can do that too. Carlos Tabora PrintDay.com, Inc.

Business Resources: Marketing
TOTAL Scam so be careful (7)
coldfusion 4/20/01 02:51 PM EST
I wont mention any names but there is a 'goto' service that has a pretty major name (hint hint) that does those 'type a single word in the address bar' systems. We did what we w...

Business Resources: Trends
.WEB (8)
GordonV 4/20/01 01:47 PM EST
The .web is a great idea if you are involved in the industry ...but the general public does not get it. When .TV came out all the media stations adopted the .TV and co-branded i...

Business Resources: Marketing
An Excellent and Timely Article (6)
echoarts 4/20/01 09:55 AM EST
Bravo to Afternic for publsihing this article. It should be mandatory reading for ANY online business today. ;o) Stewart Reynolds EchoArts.com

Business Resources: Marketing
My twopence worth (Spot the Brit) (5)
Eggbilly 4/20/01 09:09 AM EST
Mike, I've replied to a few "wanted" ads. Never heard anything from them though. Let's face it, if you want a quick idea of how good your own name is, without having to go thro...

Business Resources: Trends
Sales Data question? (New Thread)
nzieta 4/20/01 05:19 AM EST
Does anyone have data on the number of closed sales on Afternic (or the whole DN industry) and the average price, number sold in different price brackets in certain period of time ...

Business Resources: Marketing
need a fix (New Thread)
kiwiden 4/20/01 04:59 AM EST
on value for ukbnb.com great for travel/tourist site. thanks, den.

Business Resources: Tech
http://www.freepagehosting.com - No banners (3)
download 4/19/01 07:09 PM EST
Nice domain name for med. I wish you well on all the speculation in the new tlds. Personally I'll wait til the dust settles on the ICANN problems and the root chaos before I waste ...

Business Resources: Tech
http://www.VirtualAdFirm.com - Free Website Host (3)
download 4/19/01 06:20 PM EST
Connecting to the Alternate roots has always been easy. There has been a free program for enabling the DNS settings on your computer for a long time. They are not inventing anyt...

Business Resources: Tech
Name Critic..How the heck are you ?! (2)
bidawinner 4/19/01 04:40 PM EST
Thanks for the help..I still havent had any success though..I am finding 3 "identities" similiar to {90514220-4A59-11E9-A688-E553187F084D jst seems like there isnt any thing "in" t...

Business Resources: Marketing
NameBargain.com seems to be the best (10)
hqlabs 4/19/01 11:46 AM EST
Yes, after all the replies (THANKS!) I have settled on NameBargain which is owned by Register.com. You get most of what you need and it's $9.99 per year instead of $35! I on...

Business Resources: Trends
Taming the Web (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/19/01 10:31 AM EST
Not long ago, civil libertarians looked to cyberspace as the utopia of ultimate freedom, beyond the reach of restrictive technologies and government regulators.

Business Resources: Tech
Domain Name Keeper Casts Global Net (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/19/01 09:39 AM EST
Within several weeks, VeriSign will begin letting sites use the foreign characters, followed by .mltbd.com, or 'multilingual testbed.' It's a way to segregate those names in case o...

Business Resources: Tech
http://www.xmisp.com - Website Statistics (1)
download 4/19/01 03:23 AM EST
Hello Bid! That may be one I can help with. First your Address Book is at C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book As far as your mail, the numbers in the following wi...

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