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Most Recent Posts: Industry News

Industry News: Registration
You're right! (13)
kuli 4/25/01 05:25 AM EST
You got it! new.net isn't really an alternative to the existing root server system as there are several ccTLDs open for years now. Why should you register an awkward domain like ...

Industry News: Marketplace
Any idea? (5)
JW2001 4/24/01 09:15 PM EST
Any idea of an ideal site to buy & sell domains without this kind of troubles?

Industry News: Marketplace
Preregistration (36)
QuestGroup 4/24/01 05:24 PM EST
Could anyone give me a list of registrars that are taking preregistrations for .biz and .info?

Industry News: Registration
I'm not making sense? Please! (299)
gregg201 4/24/01 04:40 PM EST
Replying to Tomsters at my message level (replying to Tomster's message is not allowed below his thread level)... I knew if someone was going to reply to my message it would be ...

Industry News: Registration
You're not making sense. (298)
Tomsters 4/24/01 04:18 PM EST
Major companies are investing in new.net. Juno just signed up. The one who has not invested in New.net is you. Yes, you are not a major company. But why waste our time here? Is is ...

Industry News: Marketplace
Agree.............. (4)
mrdots 4/24/01 04:00 PM EST
Agree with you, and no body can stop them?? I guess properties.com & webmasters.com issue are boty big examples of their monopoly........

Industry News: Registration
new.net (297)
gregg201 4/24/01 03:33 PM EST
I'm not going to get into an argument going back and forth on this issue. I likely won't change the minds of the new.net proponents, especially after they've dumped a bunch of mone...

Industry News: Registration
Analogous to Downtown shopping.. (296)
bidawinner 4/24/01 02:33 PM EST
Once upon a time 30 years ago..Downtowns all across America started laughing at the notion of Shopping Malls(what the hell is that)..mainstream America wants to shop downtown not d...

Industry News: Marketplace
Ah well... (3)
cameronj 4/24/01 02:33 PM EST
..as you and I both know MrDots, Afternic does what it wants when it wants, without offering pesky things like *explanations* to its users...

Industry News: Registration
new.net (295)
gregg201 4/24/01 02:03 PM EST
I agree with your comments and those of cartoonz. And I have previously given my opinions about why new.net is not a new idea and the pitfalls of alternate root systems. Unfortun...

Industry News: Marketplace
stolen...what about not stolen domains?? (2)
mrdots 4/24/01 02:00 PM EST
If a domain was stolen, and sold on AN, they need to return the money right away to the buyer. But what about the non stolen ones, that been sold then the owner changes his mind o...

Industry News: Marketplace
Process for registering .info names (35)
nicmammon 4/24/01 12:35 PM EST
Dear Tomsters and others: Thanks for your post. Is the following what you are saying will happen? Is there a good source to get this kind of information? "For each .info n...

Industry News: Registration
new.net (294)
Tomy2k 4/24/01 12:12 PM EST
The ONLY revenue generated from this enterprise will go directly into new.nets pocket. The subdomain market will overcrowd with copycats. Its inevitable. This will further dilute t...

Industry News: Marketplace
Once again, we must be careful... (1)
cameronj 4/24/01 11:43 AM EST
...to separate the wheat from the riffraff, so to speak. There is nothing wrong with selling names on behalf of other people, with their express permission. This is different than ...

Industry News: Registration
Great deal! (12)
dotty 4/24/01 11:15 AM EST
Great move by new.net, partner with a free ISP that is on the verge of bankruptcy! Have a look a f--ckedcompany.com for the last news about juno.com, they fired one third of the...

Industry News: Marketplace
owenwww 4/24/01 10:14 AM EST
Afternic, clean up your shocking act. Spicy.com has reached reserve, and the REAL owner knows NOTHING about the auction. When oh when are you going to disallow members to list ...

Industry News: Registration
Naysayers never will profit (293)
LarryWentz 4/24/01 09:23 AM EST
Toonz says - "The only people who will make money off of this is new.net themselves- off of people who have "invested" in their renegade root system that can never truly work." ...

Industry News: Registration
New Domain Extensions (11)
hmgsys 4/24/01 08:44 AM EST
BindZero.Com offers new extensions and access without the need to download and plugin anything. Now they offer .city and many more http://www.BindZero.Com

Industry News: Registration
ANY (10)
jd2020 4/24/01 06:18 AM EST
Tweaking of the browsers is not really going to help those registering under new.net. They will miss a lot - search engines will have to accept readily xxx.net.net . Their domain n...

Industry News: Registration
oops.. NONE of the above.. (9)
cartoonz 4/24/01 01:41 AM EST
Me bad for typo

Industry News: Registration
oops... NONE of the above! (292)
cartoonz 4/24/01 01:40 AM EST
silly me

Industry News: Registration
Does this provide choices.. or make them for you? (291)
cartoonz 4/24/01 01:32 AM EST
OK, so I wholeheartedly agree that ICANN is not behaving with everyone's best interests in mind a lot of the time. This will change. how soon is the question- but it will change. ...

Industry News: Registration
Sorry for the double post.... (8)
cartoonz 4/24/01 01:23 AM EST
It took AN a while to "digest" my post, apparently... silly me for clicking twice!

Industry News: Registration
Think about this, really think about it! (7)
cartoonz 4/24/01 01:20 AM EST
OK, so I wholeheartedly agree that ICANN is not behaving with everyone's best interests in mind a lot of the time. This will change. how soon is the question- but it will change. ...

Industry News: Registration
Think about this, really think about it! (6)
cartoonz 4/24/01 01:19 AM EST
OK, so I wholeheartedly agree that ICANN is not behaving with everyone's best interests in mind a lot of the time. This will change. how soon is the question- but it will change. ...

Industry News: Marketplace
Slander (22)
pterodactyl 4/24/01 12:44 AM EST
I agree whole heartedly. The cowards out there who post derogatory comments on appraisals should be barred. They don't have domains of their own and think they are the self ordaine...

Industry News: Registration
Email problem is just the beginning.. (5)
domainrookie 4/24/01 12:20 AM EST
wireless products don't have software to support new.net. You mean to tell me that I can only access new.net from my pc? Yikes......

Industry News: Registration
Trademark dilution (4)
NetMarketer 4/23/01 09:02 PM EST
I never suggested that anyone register known trademarks. From the inception of my personal aftermarket ventures I have consistently turned away anyone who even appeared to be squa...

Industry News: Marketplace
congratulations on the sale of juttasbondage (9)
ghosts 4/23/01 08:51 PM EST
Afternic closings, April/21. 3.29. juttasbondage.com 'SOLD' for $999.999. Nice profit made for all concerned A N, Dotty, A N share holders, largest sale ever. And no publicity, how...

Industry News: Marketplace
check this out (34)
domain2oo1 4/23/01 06:15 PM EST
http://page.auctions.yahoo.com/auction/51206081 http://www.afternic.com/index.cfm?a=gen&sa=profile&user=domain2oo1 www.carloan.de www.xxx.org.nz Here there is a link to new.ne...

Industry News: Registration
Trademark Dilution (3)
Tomy2k 4/23/01 06:11 PM EST
New.net buyers will ultimatly pay the price with Trademark dilution issues. The namespace will corrupt with subdomains like new.net infringing on TLD domain marks. Its one hell of ...

Industry News: Registration
DNS for NEW.NET (2)
List 4/23/01 02:49 PM EST
What if the DNS for NEW.NET goes down??? - then what happens to the remaining sites registered with new.net. They go down too!?

Industry News: Registration
pre-auction bid (1)
HGeorgeson 4/23/01 02:05 PM EST
Where did you see this?

Industry News: Registration
The SnowBall is Rolling (1)
NetMarketer 4/23/01 11:56 AM EST
I see this news as a major step for New.net. As content partners like the highly respected Juno sign on and create the back-door around ICANN, New.net domains increase in value si...

Industry News: Registration
.xxx May Mark New Net Address (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/23/01 11:49 AM EST
New.net said it has inked a deal with Juno Online Services to allow subscribers to register Web addresses ending in unconventional suffixes, such as .game and .free.

Industry News: Registration
Not only can it work ,..It is working ! (290)
bidawinner 4/23/01 11:04 AM EST
It is also being accepted and promoted by some of the largest ISP's ..keep in mind New.net is less than 2 months old... http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/010423/lam093.html Your opin...

Industry News: Registration
It won't work and here's why: (289)
dhubbard 4/23/01 02:55 AM EST
They made a huge mistake with the plug-in. They should have worked it with standard DNS methodology. E-mail is going to be a nightmare. They've been "working on it" for months. The...

Industry News: Marketplace
Bonuscredit.com Gamble (New Thread)
perpetd 4/23/01 02:50 AM EST
Reserve Only $100 GD certificate for $5000 AN appraised at 73,000 www.afternic.com/~BonusCredit.com

Industry News: Marketplace
Everyone Should Pay Attention . . . . . . . . . . (1)
addideas1 4/22/01 09:28 PM EST
Greetings enterpryzman, I have always taken pride in learning from other peoples mistakes. I hope that your willingness to share your unfortunate experience with others will he...

Industry News: Registration
Open For Business..Photo.Inc (288)
bidawinner 4/22/01 08:10 PM EST
Transplant.med MUST see first Hand transplant Photos ! Photo.Inc ..very cool Photos and posters .. BID

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