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About Afternic
Current Partners

Partnership Inquiries If you're interested in contacting Afternic.com about a potential partnership, please contact us.

Auction Watch

About AuctionWatch.com the leader in the online auction service space, AuctionWatch.com is widely recognized as the company of choice for businesses looking to efficiently distribute product to auction and acquire customers. In addition to its suite of powerful seller services, AuctionWatch.com offers buyers with an industry leading search capability, allowing them to conveniently locate items across hundreds of auction sites. The company also publishes daily content on the auction industry, has the industry's largest online appraisal service, and has the most active independent message boards of its kind. Based in San Bruno, California, AuctionWatch.com is privately held and funded by Sequoia Capital, @Ventures, Argus Capital, Angel Investors LP and private investors.

GoTo Auction

GoTo(TM) Auctions, a division of GoTo.com, is the Internet's leading one-stop resource empowering the online auction community. Offering both B2B and B2C services, GoTo Auctions allows buyers to simultaneously search over 150 auction sites currently operating on the Web. For sellers, GoTo Auctions streamlines the auction process, automating item posting across multiple auction sites, ultimately resulting in a more efficient auction experience.

Bidders Edge

The tools and services offered by Bidder's Edge, Inc. help on-line auction users easily and automatically find great bargains from many on-line auctions all from a single "portal-like" Web site. Users can bid smarter and be more informed consumers, thanks to Bidder's Edge.


NameProtect.com is the Internet's leading resource for trademark research, registration and monitoring services.


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