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News Updated 04/09/2001 02:48 PM EST
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  Today's Breaking Stories more 
  Teaching the Web to Speak Their Languages comment  
  ICANN Has Hands Full Adding New Domains comment  
  Writers, Porn Star Win Web Names comment  
  The Name Game comment  
  Internet Name Seller Strikes Deal comment  
  more breaking...

  Featured Topic more 
New.net Plies the Open Road
by Peter Girard

New.net has mapped out its route around ICANN, domain collisions, and intellectual property disputes, but can it reach its destination of universal acceptance? ... more
Industry: Registration   282 posts

  Hot Topics more 
ICANN Votes to Let VeriSign Keep .com Registry/Registrar
In an unsurprising 12-3 vote, the ICANN board approved the ICANN staff's plan to renogotiate its agreement with VeriSign. ... more
Policy: ICANN   1 post
Patent May Delay Multilingual Names
Unless Walid allows open access to its patented technology, the IETF may have to find another route to multilingual resolution. ... more
Industry: Registration   8 posts
Americas' Top Domains: Brazil and Canada?
The Americas extend well beyond the United States, to two of the world's most promising ccTLDs ... more
Industry: Marketplace   13 posts
Ordering the Domain Universe
by Peter Girard
An examination of requests for .info, .biz, and .pro names by subject area reveals that the top domains are all business ... more
Business: Trends   7 posts
  Breaking Stories more 
  'MultiBind'? comment 
  Secure in His Own Domain comment 
  Sucks.com Galls Aspen comment 
  Microsoft Gets Personal (.Net) 1 post 
  Canada Disputes Doppelganger Dot-Com Domains comment 
  Canadian Retailer Says: We Deserve 'Crappy' Intern.... comment 
  Australian Watchdog Acts Against Domain Name Fraud.... comment 
  Casting a Wider Net comment 
  Libs Still Jeffed.com comment 
  Top 100 Brands Named in Web Hijackings 1 post 
  ICANN Defends Deal, Warns on Pre-Registration comment 
  Sex.com: Judge Orders $65 Million Payment 5 posts 
  New Zealand Online Vote Fails to Approve New Bank .... comment 
  New TLD Program (Update) comment 
  ICANN Approves VeriSign's .com Monopoly 5 posts 
  ICANN Board Member Blasts VeriSign Decision - Upda.... comment 
  Domain Name Sanity 2 posts 
  Plans for New Top-Level Domains Move Forward 4 posts 
  E-Lux Corporation Introduces .ai and .ec Domains f.... comment 
  DotCC Goes to China comment 
  SamsDirect Internet Predicts .cc will Outnumber .n.... 1 post 
  Register.com First Non-Canadian Company to Offer R.... 8 posts 
  Congress Petitioned by ADNS and Other Inclusive Na.... comment 
  more breaking...
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"The key here is to "own" the extensions through trade-marking and fair use before ICANN does anything to claim the extensions itself. If this effort succeeds, I don't have to tell the Afternic community how much money there is to be made there. Specialized names with .shop or .travel, if made available to even half of all U.S. internet users, will be valuable properties."

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