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Notable Posts

Policy: ICANN
Unfortunate & unappreciated subject of post....... (6)
xmxdom 4/9/01 09:03 PM EST
as was then explained by email. Controversial posts could be easily avoided, by many users of the Afternic Forums. xmxdom opsss.com

Business: Tech
Teaching the Web to Speak Their Languages (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/9/01 02:48 PM EST
"English will be a minority language on the Web at some point in the future," VeriSign's Brian O'Shaughnessy notes.

Policy: ICANN
ICANN Has Hands Full Adding New Domains (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/9/01 01:06 PM EST
For Leah Gallagos, the prospect that her company may soon be able to register .biz domain names is somewhat less than enticing. Gallagos, president of the Atlantic Root Network...

Policy: ICANN
Another One Bites The Dust . . . . . . . . . . . . (5)
addideas1 4/9/01 12:34 PM EST
Greetings xmxdom, The mass exodus from Afternic continues. Your contributions will be missed. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in your future...

Industry: Registration
E-Lux Corporation Introduces .ai and .ec Domains f... (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/9/01 08:48 AM EST
Under a multi-year agreement between e-Lux Corporation and Sterling Holdings, which manages the worldwide registry for second-level domain names in the .AI, .EC and .LA top-lev...

Policy: Disputes
Canadian Retailer Says: We Deserve 'Crappy' Internet Domain (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/9/01 08:43 AM EST
Toronto-based Canadian Tire Corp., much of the country's ubiquitous source for everything from motor oil to last-minute Christmas gifts, is moving to claim the Internet domain ...

Policy: ICANN
The Name Game (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/9/01 08:40 AM EST
ICANN, charged with clearing up the murky water of domain naming, is under fire from every quarter.

Industry: Registration
Internet Name Seller Strikes Deal (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/9/01 08:33 AM EST
An Internet start-up that sells unsanctioned domain names has reached deals with five software companies to promote the use of such suffixes as .kids and .travel. The deals wer...

Industry: Registration
foze 4/9/01 12:44 AM EST
http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,42915,00.html http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1005-200-5539308.html?tag=st.cn.1.lthd

Industry: Registration
foze 4/9/01 12:35 AM EST

Industry: Registration
don't worry (280)
anjan 4/7/01 06:00 PM EST
cutedomain.com is supporting it

Policy: Disputes
A Thief In The Night . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (5)
addideas1 4/7/01 05:58 PM EST
Greetings MBADBOY777, There is no simple explanation for the current "hijacking" of Domain Names. The most famous case involving a stolen Domain Name was the circumstances ...

Industry: Registration
hey me too (279)
anjan 4/7/01 05:56 PM EST
pupular.shop canada.inc mexico.chat slut.game pussy.game desi.xxx ---------- -------------- Get .com .net .org in 8$ visit www.cutedomain.com buy freeslut.net in 150$ ...

Industry: Registration
they are going for patent (278)
anjan 4/7/01 05:52 PM EST
If ICANN starts it before getting the patent approved then only u hvae a risk.It don't seem so -------------- Get .com .net .org in 8$ visit www.cutedomain.com buy freeslut....

Industry: Registration
If ICANN introduces these TLDs later. (277)
bigefred 4/7/01 05:44 PM EST
Can you imagine the class action suits againt new.net, in which new.net probably won't be liable because they never actually make the claim that they are selling you a genuine ...

Industry: Marketplace
so do u think canada.inc is saleable (13)
anjan 4/7/01 05:44 PM EST
If you think so go to cutedomain.com and make an offer. -------------- Get .com .net .org in 8$ visit www.cutedomain.com buy freeslut.net in 150$ slutgame.com in 100$ ...

Policy: ICANN
verisign will enjoy monopoly (1)
anjan 4/7/01 05:42 PM EST
If us department of commerce will not stop it it will be a big mistake for internet community.Networksolution(verisign company) is doing mismanagment of domains.They don't rele...

Industry: Marketplace
registrar will make a good money (24)
anjan 4/7/01 05:39 PM EST
By offering registartion request from multiple pary they will make a luts of money because they will not offer it in 25-70$ ----------------------------------- --------------...

Business: Tech
it is nice to see battle between JVM and browser (1)
anjan 4/7/01 05:34 PM EST
Sun has java technology that runs in all enviornment and microsoft is trying to use internet explorere(any broweser) as platform against sun's JVM. THEY HAVE GOOD BUNDLE OF ...

Policy: Disputes
Stolen??? (4)
MBADBOY777 4/7/01 04:11 PM EST
Hi there, im new in this Biz, could you explain me how anyone can steal a Domain -Name from a Seller?

Industry: Marketplace
Domain History (60)
NameCritic 4/7/01 02:38 AM EST
For more info on what was intended and what wasn't try these links. http://istweb.syr.edu/~mueller/study.html http://andrew2.andrew.cmu.edu/rfc/rfc920.html What are the ...

Industry: Marketplace
Something came close (59)
NameCritic 4/7/01 01:27 AM EST
The sale of PacRimBusiness.com. But then you know all about that one don't you? NameCritic

Industry: Marketplace
Turned back all the time (58)
NameCritic 4/7/01 01:26 AM EST
Look at Amazon.com and Ebay.com. When users signed up they were promised their user info would be kept confidential. Then both companies changed their policy so saying they wil...

Business: Tech
'MultiBind'? (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/6/01 11:11 AM EST
A posting to the GA list from the self-styled "American Webmasters" announces the existence of a beta version of "MultiBind"--a fork from "Bind" (by far the most popular DNS ma...

Policy: ICANN
Afternic Quote of the Week BUT.................... (3)
xmxdom 4/6/01 11:09 AM EST
I strongly desire to point out that the opinion expressed was a comment to a full article which (the article) presented the Verisign situation as a monopoly. My entire post ...

Business: Marketing
I've gotten onto Yahoo and others without paying.. (7)
GinaGG 4/6/01 10:54 AM EST
I don't pay to get listed on search engines. Maybe because it's my business (GetYourBizOnline.com) and I think it would be a conflict if I guarantee search engine placement to ...

Policy: ICANN
Big Money (3)
rudi 4/6/01 10:46 AM EST
Is ICANN a bunch of criminals?

Policy: International
Secure in His Own Domain (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/6/01 10:36 AM EST
When Michael Fagan, the head of the domain registry for Ireland, was interviewed for the job, he was told by outgoing director Denis Jennings, "there's one thing I promise--thi...

Business: Marketing
Sucks.com Galls Aspen (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/6/01 10:28 AM EST
Aspen City Councilman Tony Hershey knows word-of-mouth marketing is important. He probably should have divested from the Aspensucks.com name before running for office, he said.

Business: Tech
Microsoft Gets Personal (.Net) (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/6/01 10:22 AM EST
The .NET effort was formed last year, in part to create Internet-based services that could bring recurring revenue streams to the company.

Policy: ICANN
Bogus Threat In My Opinion (2)
barncom 4/6/01 08:59 AM EST
Imagine the countless hours (and potential lawsuits) required to "filter" .org registrations. I don't think it will happen. ICANN should focus on more important concerns (and...

Policy: Disputes
Curious (3)
mbanner 4/5/01 11:37 AM EST
I'm curious as to whether these experiences are first hand or scuttlebutt? I have had a few sales/purchases and cannot give anything but glowing reviews for Afternics quality ...

Industry: Marketplace
Why worry about domain speculations ? (2)
after21 4/5/01 11:00 AM EST
It appears to me there are so many domain extensions if you take into account those country domain extensions which are available to anyone, in addition to the new TLDs.We can...

Policy: International
Australian Watchdog Acts Against Domain Name Fraudster (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/5/01 10:58 AM EST
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) alleges Stephen Henry Wayt mass-faxed businesses across Australia and tried to deceive them into paying a listing fee ...

Industry: Marketplace
Casting a Wider Net (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/5/01 10:53 AM EST
In March, Paul Garrin began negotiating with a group of high-powered investors who have offered to pump several million dollars into Name.space. While Garrin won't name the inv...

Policy: Disputes
I agree (2)
dotty 4/5/01 03:33 AM EST
Afternic should be explaining why most of the recent high profiles names auctioned here turned out to be stolen, and how they will prevent this from happening in the future.

Industry: Marketplace
This guy is waaaay off base (1)
nschrunk 4/4/01 10:42 PM EST
Mr. Blankenhorn, I am a successful domain name investor, and am active in the domain name industry. As a result, I have read many of your articles. I must say that I couldn'...

Policy: Disputes
Who cares.!!!!! (1)
mrdots 4/4/01 08:47 PM EST
Afternic seems very busy looking for new NicNews...it's better to work harder in solving your member's problems and needs....Make sure your DNescrow: The only safe way to buy a...

Policy: Disputes
Sex.com: Judge Orders $65 Million Payment (New Thread)
Afternic.com 4/4/01 09:55 AM EST
A U.S. district judge ordered the defendant in the Sex.com suit--an adult entertainment executive--to pay the legal owner of the Web site $65 million dollars, the largest lia...

Industry: Marketplace
Well (36)
Tomsters 4/3/01 06:30 PM EST
I guess we just disagree about new.net. In any case, I sincerely wish you the best with your domain name business path and choices. I feel that arguing fiercely over something ...

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