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Plans for New Top-Level Domains Move Forward
Plans for New Top-Level Domains Move Forward
by Afternic.com on 4/2/01 at 12:22 PM EST
Click for full story: Plans for New Top-Level Domains Move Forward
As the launches of seven new top-level domains draw closer, more details are emerging about how they'll operate and who will be allowed to register sites under them...

after new.net it was supppose to start soon
anjan 4/2/01 03:33 PM EST

New.net had popses a threat to ICANN authority so it have to start soon.Now we will have to see how thsese new name work when we have a new party with his new tld.

BIZ will be a big success anyway.

free auction and sell of .shop .xxx at cutedomain.com

"It's also forbidden to register a site under .biz
att 4/2/01 05:57 PM EST

for the sole purpose of attacking a company. For example, generalmotorsstinks.biz will not be allowed." The new extensions are nothing more than an attempt at censoring the internet. The sunrise periods are nothing more than censorship as well. Any scraps leftover will be thrown at the general users at large. .biz would make a great general extension if communist conditions weren't attached. As it stands all the new tld's will be a flop unless you are a registrar.

I think they will get less than 200,000
rucucu 4/3/01 01:08 AM EST

The article says:
"Documents filed with ICANN project that the .biz domain could attract between 620,000 and 1.15 million registrations in its first year. By the fourth year, the number of registrations is projected to reach 2.09 million to 5.3 million"

In my opinion, with a 500 $ fee , all the restrictions, internet business going down, dot biz will get less than 200,000 registrations in the first year.

I'm a domain registration maniac, but i will not spend more money in domains unless I get one top 1,000 domain.

Everyday there is less money in the internet business and more tdls; and this is not the end, we will see many new tlds in the next years.

Domain registration is no more a good business.


200,000 may be high for .biz
FineE 4/4/01 02:26 AM EST

If one considers the possible sources of new registrations .biz may have eliminated most potential registrations.

Let us consider the possible groups.
1) Speculators: .biz seems to have eliminated this group by restricting the registration of domains for the sole purpose of resale. This effectively eliminates a prime source of venture capital to launch and promote the .biz registry. So no or minimal speculator activity.

2) Trademark Holders. If they already have the .com that corresponds to thier mark(s) .biz has little to offer them other than additional costs for registrations and legal fees to protect thier mark(s)

3) New startup Internet business. The risk is very high because of the dominance of .com. First thier traffic could end up with the .com (they went for .biz because the .com was taken right?). Add to this possible trademark issues with the .com owner. Higher ongoing registration costs. etc

So who exactly will want a .biz domain? Let us consider this from a different prespective. How many .tv domains would be registered if the speculators were eliminated? Is .net or .org really that desirable? How many times have you typed .com when trying to reach a .net, .org, .gov, .ca site etc?

To me .com looks better every day. Well chosen .com domains do have the potential to appreciate over time no matter how many new extensions appear. Why because of the millions currently being spent promoting .com domains by both large and small business. .com is safe for businesses both large and small. And that will not change for the forseable future.

Francisco Cabanas

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