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Americas' Top Domains: Brazil and Canada?
Americas' Top Domains: Brazil and Canada?
by Afternic.com on 3/26/01 at 10:30 AM EST
The Americas extend well beyond the United States, to two of the world's most promising ccTLDs

The web is growing worldwide!
xmxdom 3/26/01 02:29 PM EST

And this is of course a very welcome news!

I sincerely have a personal satisfaction from the grewth of the internet audience in Brazil, as I registered some good related names.


After so many bad news in the recent past...

Perhaps USA internet arena is seeing some saturation, but in many other areas of the world the internet is growing very rapidly.


Portuguese Domains
Portuguese 3/27/01 07:42 PM EST

With over 180 million Portuguese speakers in eight countries who are gettin online en masse, common sense would indicate that Portuguese domain names will have good value in the future. I have about 40 choice Portuguese domain names that I am hoping to benefit from. Some of them are getting constant type-in traffic every day.

Does anyone know of a Brazilian site I can point to which I can point my Portuguese domain names and earn some cash?

Check out my non-english portfolio.

I have
Tomsters 3/27/01 08:29 PM EST

nossa.com, one of the most common words in that language.

I also have coisanossa.com and ligabrasil.com

Advogado.TV and Advogados.TV
rucucu 3/29/01 11:44 AM EST

If someone wants to buy portuguese domains, I have:

Advogado.TV ( Lawyer.TV in portuguese)
Advogados.TV (Lawyers.Tv in portuguese)

You can contact me by email: [email protected], or you can place a bid at afternic.



Portuguese Names
msps 3/29/01 06:53 AM EST

Since I'm Portuguese I couldn't agree more with you. Brazilian and Portuguese e-markets are growing fast. The e-commerce in Portugal just jumped 430% this year.
Some of my portuguese names:
www.ComercioBrasileiro.com = Brazilian Commerce
www.ComercioeServicos.com = Commerce and Services

Check out some of my other portuguese and spanish names

portuguese names
xmxdom 3/29/01 02:43 PM EST


I was glad to read your posts about this topic.

I would like to know your opinions if possible: do you think there already is in the present demand for high profile domain names in portuguese, related to Portugal or Brazil?

As we all know well, the harder task seems to find buyers for our web properties.


Portuguese names
msps 4/2/01 06:16 AM EST

There are two different realities for Portuguese names: The portuguese market and the brazilian market. When choosing a portuguese name you must have in mind that even both countries are portuguese spoken some words have different meanings. For example "nossa" in portugal = "our" in english and in brazil = "our" and "oh my..."; another example, "fila" in portugal = "line","traffic" and in brazil = "gay" .....
Has I said in my post portuguese e-commerce it's growing very fast. If you have a really high profile name it will be easy to sell it (IndustryPortugal.com has been sold for + $10000). In portugal the size of the name is not that important. My bet is that in no more than 2 years there will be a high demand for portuguese names.
There are some portuguese auction sites where portuguese domain names are on sale.
Please contact me if you need some more informations or any help.

I think that
Tomsters 4/2/01 09:28 AM EST

as far as the portuguese language is concerned, Brazil is where the money is.

Re Portugues Names - msps
AJH 4/18/01 08:22 PM EST

I agree that there will be a big market for portuguese names and I'd be interested to hear which portuguese auction sites you recommend. I have the names Gente.TV, Saude.TV, Dinheiro.TV and Viagem.TV and could use some advice on what to do with them and/or help in selling. I think gente.tv is probably the best as it works in both spanish and portuguese.

AJH - portuguese tv names
msps 4/19/01 04:17 AM EST

Hello AJH,
Congratulations. You have some fantastic portuguese .tv names.
Saude and Dinheiro are your best. Viagem it's also good but would be better if writen in the plural (Viagens). Gente it's very generic and maybe you may sell it to one of the portuguese tv networks for them to use it has a popular program...

You may try these auction sites.

Please contact me if you need some more help
[email protected]

Brazilian site where you can sell portuguese names
rucucu 3/30/01 01:17 AM EST

It's free and you leave your own e-mail to let buyers contact you.
You can sell domains at: http://www.rhoempreendedor.com.br


200,000th .ca Domain Name Registered
DawnRaider 3/29/01 03:19 AM EST

200,000th .ca Domain Name Registered

Ottawa, March 22, 2001 - The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) registered the 200,000th .ca domain name in its Registry yesterday.

CIRA, the not-for-profit organization mandated to operate the .ca top-level domain, took over operational control of the .ca Registry December 1, 2000.

At that time approximately 60,000 .ca domain names, in the Registry operated by a volunteer organization at the University of British Columbia, were re-registered with CIRA.

CIRA has seen that number triple in just three months of operation.

"The rapid increase in the amount of .ca registrations is evidence that Canadians want to establish a presence for themselves in cyberspace, and not necessarily fall under the generic .com or .net brand," says Bernard Turcotte, president and CEO of CIRA.

"We expect to see continued growth in the number of new domains registered."

CIRA liberalized the rules for registering a .ca when it assumed operational control of the Registry, allowing more Canadians the opportunity to register .ca domain names.

This new accessibility is evidenced in the rapid increase in the number of .ca domain name registrations with approximately 5,000 new domain name registrations per week.

CIRA also implemented a real time Registry, saving time and increasing the efficiency of registering new domain names.


Dawn Raider

"It's dawn; it's time to raid!"



I am Canadian
91corvette 3/31/01 12:45 PM EST

Being born and raised less than 1 hour from Toronto, I have a good insight as to the issues and perspective which is uniquely Canadian. I can tell you that the majority of Canadian public view the .ca extension as something that contains uniquely Canadian content and therefor quite valuable to those industries that deal in that area.

That being said, it should also be noted that the .com extension commands less loyalty but more respect as it is viwed as an international extension with all of the inferred connotations.

If you sell a product or service that contains mostly Canadian content or at least services consumers in Canada primarily, a .ca name would be a great way to give that impression. Large companies advertise thier name with the .ca extension up here including Dell.ca, IBM.ca and GM.ca.

I have seen very little advertising done for more obscure 2 and 3 digit combos and although they may still be available to register, it may not (at least in the short term) be worth doing so. For those with little knowledge of Canadian culture and attitudes, we are a fairly easy-going people who are not intensely patriotic or intensley anything for that matter. Loyalty does not seem to be one of our outstanding qualities as a nation and we will pretty much purchase wherever the best deal is to be found.

The best way to equate the .ca extension to something you already know would be to the already existant .net TLD. I would say the value is approximately the same for most generic terms( save the non-descript 2 and 3 digit combos). If you come up with some uniquely canadian terms, you may be able to find the right people to buy them up here.

I own a few including Absolute.ca, Comfort.ca, Mighty.ca and TTT.ca. I have recieved a couple of unsolicited offers for a couple of these for a few hundred a piece. If you need help or advise on Canadian culure or the .ca name extension, I would be glad to give whatever limited help I can if you contact me at [email protected]. Thanks.

.ca type-ins just really starting now.
interbuy 4/1/01 03:44 PM EST

I own a lot of top .ca generic names and lately they have really started to do some good numbers. It seems like the .ca is just starting now, probaly because most major companies are now advertising a .ca name not their .com anymore.

I have seem some of my .ca go from 5 direct type-in hits in November to over 300 type-ins daily! Remember this is not hits, it is unique type-ins! My top .ca are now getting as much traffic as their .net counterpart I own.

If this upward trend continues .ca may well be worth more than .net in the future.

Also interesting I have received a lot of unrequested offers from California companies, they seem to like the .ca association.

so do u think canada.inc is saleable
anjan 4/7/01 05:44 PM EST

If you think so go to cutedomain.com and make an offer.
Get .com .net .org in 8$ visit www.cutedomain.com
buy freeslut.net in 150$
slutgame.com in 100$
.see auctions

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