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Patent May Delay Multilingual Names
Unless Walid allows open access to its patented technology, the IETF may have to find another route to multilingual resolution.
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Patent Flap Slows Multilingual Domain Name Plan (IDG/CNN) - 0 posts
Legal delay looming for multilinguals?
by coconut on 3/28/01 at 12:23 AM EST
This article by Carolyn Duffy Marsan raises a patent issue which could push back the date, if at all, that multilingual domain names become effective.


You scooped me on this one.
Normm 3/28/01 02:17 AM EST

I too, posted on this article in the International forum. Looks like you beat me to it. Sorry I didn't notice your post first. Nice work. I hope that Walid decides to be sensible. They have the opportunity to be viewed as either, co-developers of a more global Internet, or pariahs.

We should all give Walid a piece of our minds!
rixco 3/28/01 08:58 PM EST

Unfortunately, their system isn't receiving mail.
I wonder why? www.walid.com BOOOOOOOO!!!!

What I found interesting Normm
coconut 3/30/01 05:08 AM EST

was the paragraph ending "...Walid received a patent on Jan. 30 that appears to cover many aspects of the technical solution developed by the working group."
When they say a patent claim may be tested, does this mean there are legal avenues open for others to challenge the validity of a patent, possibly based on the grounds that information relating to a process had already been published in the public domain, most notably the Internet?
If the challenges fail and Walid stands firm on its intellectual property rights, my guess is they might be looking at receiving something like a dollar annually per multilingual domain name from Verisign and the various ccTLDs which use the technology. A nice tidy sum in the short and long-term!

jbottomley 4/1/01 11:33 AM EST

If we have time to post to this forum, we have the time to petition Walid. Send email to:
[email protected]

I am personally not hopeful, but I hope everyone will petition Walid nontheless. Any corporation greedyguts enough to betray the trust of those attempting to bring humanity together (okay, maybe that is a side-effect) probably will not find it within their own character(s) to simply do the right thing. They probably knew what they were doing, and did it anyway. Every large company at some point has to make its choices between their own self interest and hurting the rest of us. Whether it is a company choosing between its profit margin and polluting a river, moving operations to Mexico and making a US city into a wasteland, or Walid extorting the planet, companies like Walid only follow their appetites until forced to do otherwise.

I have sent them a respectfully worded letter already, in case it is asked.

You make a Walid point
coconut 4/1/01 04:32 PM EST

and I will also write them.

In the interests of maintaining a unified petition, would you care to share your letter here?

letter to Walid
jbottomley 4/1/01 06:26 PM EST

Thank you so much for taking positive action!

My letter really only applies to me and details my situation. It is a little too author-specific to be for widespread use. I have invested heavily in multinational domains, and if I thought my letter could be used as a "form" letter to help others, I would post it in a heartbeat.

It reads in part, "I have a specific market that caters to the international internet user almost exclusively, and I have invested heavily in the proper multilingual domains that would enable me to competatively enter a market I am shut out of under the present system. According to the article, Walid's patent claims would either force a de-facto extortionary fee placed upon the global population's use of MLDs or force a complete reworking of the system (with planet-wide ineffeciencies for both user and server) and subsequent postponement of the full use of these domains."

You get the idea. It goes on to explain how their patent affects myself, my future, and my family.

If you think a form letter would be of help, by all means, let's post one.

Email Walid
domaingator 4/3/01 12:34 PM EST

Hey, the right email address is below:

[email protected]

E mail Walid
domaingator 4/3/01 12:33 PM EST

Hey guys, the correct email address is as follows:

[email protected]

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