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New.net Plies the Open Road
New.net has mapped out its route around ICANN, domain collisions, and intellectual property disputes, but can it reach its destination of universal acceptance?
Startup Will Sell Web Addresses to Bypass Internet Bureaucracy
by Afternic.com on 3/5/01 at 08:35 AM EST
A Pasadena start-up called New.net, funded by Bill Grossís closely held company idealab!, this week plans to begin selling Internet domain names based on 20 new extensions that function like the familiar .com and .net.

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What is everyone take on this?
cherrybomb 3/5/01 10:10 AM EST

What do you guys think of this? I like the idea and hope it works out for them. With them doing this I believe it will help us in the long run. Kind of shows ICAN that we don't need them.

At first
Tomsters 3/5/01 10:18 AM EST

I scoffed at the idea. Thought it was a joke. But now, with all that is going on, it may actually have serious potential.

.Shop is a good idea and new.net does have backing. I just registered 8 .shop names. They could get tremendous support from people disenchanted with the current goings ons. In fact, there is a mad rush going on there right now as we speak. One thing you can say for them, they have excellent timing.

This will cause big problems
landofop 3/5/01 11:23 AM EST

the isp's that have agreed to carry new.net dns are netzero,earthlink at home they say 16 million users... ??? I don't think so. What happens if and when icann opens the gates, they are moving slow and cautious. ITHINK FOR GOOD REASON ! And have they thought about the legal issus here ! at least with WIPO hanging around it seems to be a very serious issue.

Law case and Point
landofop 3/5/01 11:32 AM EST

A. Michael Froomkin, a University of Miami law professor who specializes in Internet governance issues, said consumers would be better served with new Icann-sanctioned names accessible to all. But delays in releasing the new names have paved the way for commercial efforts such as that of New.net.

This is not a real attractive idea on its own technical merit, Mr. Froomkin says. But given where we are, what else can you do?
Mr. Gross, whose idealab in Pasadena is an incubator for Internet ventures, is known for having made and lost a paper fortune as start-ups he has backed soared and then sank.


You missed
Tomsters 3/5/01 11:35 AM EST

the point that the old ICANN chairman himself said that ICANN has no right to tell them anything. This same lawyer also said there is nothing that can be done.

Simple math:

Take ferocious disdain toward ICANN

add a new idea that could make the internet freer and check ICANN

What do you get?

The city of potential.


Good post, Tomsters
foolstop 3/5/01 05:29 PM EST

*Very* good post.

I noticed your pc.shop. Sweet. Myself, I just couldn't resist teen.chat (134k at GoTo, top two-word chat combo) and adventure.travel (182k: 2nd, just, to air travel at GoTo but obviously more type-in potential).

Time will tell...

Tomsters 3/5/01 10:42 PM EST

teen.chat? That's as good as it gets. I'm a little disappointed with what I have. In the rush, I didn't think it out clearly. I registered huge keywords in the extension which I felt had the most potential. I got some site makin to do! Thanks again for your kind words. One word of advice: develop teen.chat! It's a monster.

Good luck buddy,

What price a new.net plugin download?
foolstop 3/6/01 02:03 PM EST

This, for me is the really intriguing question.

Real sites under these TLDs will start appearing soon (it's in the contract) - and the domains they've chosen means we're talking mass market stuff: .xxx, .chat, .mp3, .sport in particular. Few established companies appear to have registered names yet (half.com was the only one I saw in whois) but how long can it be before users hear of and want to see these sites?

Word of mouth will be incredibly powerful - the best viral technique known to humankind. Specialist magazines will do a lot of the work. But, ultimately, idealab! must have a good idea of what it will *cost* per download. With the new shift of emphasis at idealab! to bottom line profit, coupled with their incredibly good timing of this launch, I suspect their projections may pan out.

Within 30 hours of new.net opening, Earthlink has already gained customers. How long before AOL sits up? When does critical mass come and new.net is costing them? When does the crossover point come for Microsoft - when not supporting new.net in IE is costing them more than Realnames plus strategic interests are making or likely to make? It's only a matter of numbers. idealab! will have known all along that this is the kicker.

But only one thing's for sure - the almighty buck will rule the day.

just got sin.shop. what's it worth?
dmezei 3/8/01 03:20 PM EST

What do you guys think sin.shop is worth, if anything...

Tomsters 3/5/01 11:32 AM EST

has very serious problems of its own right now with .org. Open what gates? They are lucky to make it through intact with the coming week of protest about the new proposal. This is the best possible time to attempt such an idea. If it could succeed, they have the best shot. Very few will support ICANN in trying to take action against them (it wouldn't succeed anyway) as to do so would undermine there own frustrations and complaints. Can you say "incredible timing"? But your right, this definitely does raise a lot of issues. And it is more than 16 million users.

BTW, if you are thinking of registering a name, get there before the servers crash.

Yahoo.travel and Yahoo.shop is still available
landofop 3/5/01 11:38 AM EST

new.net has had 9 people post anything, what does this tell you ? By the way Congrats on the quote of the week,

Thank you
Tomsters 3/5/01 11:48 AM EST

Thank you very much. Look - Its (new.net) a huge long shot but ICANN needs to wake up. People have invested hard earned dollars into .org. It is so unfair to propose to change .orgs status. They could change .nets status soon and then .coms. Just the proposal has probably already damaged .orgs and .nets worth.

I don't know if new.net will really work out. It depends on how many more will invest in them. I spoke with them on the phone and the registrations are skyrocketing. I registered the names in an indirect way to protect my .coms. If they can threaten my names so easily, then I am gonna look else where. Maybe then they will then reconsider their actions.

I wish everyone luck and prosperity.


Goliath is falling
fossil 3/5/01 07:29 PM EST

I agree that a form of supervision, control, administration and protocol is needed with domain names, it is very important. But ICAAN has literally sabotaged itself by doing the things it does. it was inevitable that some one had to have had enough to by pass their unorganized bureaucracy and do what now seems to be a revolution.
Many think that MR.Bill Gross (new.net) will cause a chaos in the internet world by beginning these 20 TLDs. they are not wrong, but they are not right either. It is already a CHAOS.
It is about time someone stood up to goliath, and i take off my hat to mr. Gross and NEW.NET for doing so.
By the backing up and support New.net has achieved, its by no means a "david" in this mess.
Icaan i hope this rattles you, because you were in need of a shake, now you know what it feels like!

Has anyone developed a site bought here yet?
cherrybomb 3/6/01 06:30 PM EST

Has anyone had the time to develop a site bought here yet? I would like to start some sort of site showcasing the new extensions that have been bought along with their possible purpose. Anyone want to help me with this endeavor?

I believe in the motto behind the movie "Field of Dreams", IF WE BUILD IT THEY WILL COME.

email me at [email protected] if interested.

Its a good idea
Tomsters 3/6/01 07:21 PM EST

but you should be careful because it might be looked at as bad faith somehow to buy the names and right away throw up a site showcasing/selling them. I'm not really very informed in this area so maybe you should get an opinion from new.net about this. If the names are generic, it shouldn't be a problem but I think you should stick with powerful generic one worders with a nice description as you don't want to give the impression that all the names that new.net offers are for resale. They want to avoid that. So maybe you should call them and ask for permission or advice on the idea and how it relates to bad faith and the stated goals. You could sell the idea that you know, you are showcasing the names to highlight the potential of the new extensions and how they could be used which then could benefit New.net. Maybe I'm a little paranoid. I don't even like to send emails out on the .coms names I have even though there are no tms on them as I want to avoid the hassel of a dispute which a reverse dm hijacker could initiate so maybe I'm being a little overly cautious with this advice. But I think you should ask people in the know like a lawyer or new.net. Sorry for being so longwinded.

Good luck,

Thanks Tom
cherrybomb 3/6/01 07:35 PM EST

After posting my thoughts and then reading your response I too agree with you. I guess I am just trying to jump the gun on everything, what can you say I'm excited about this.

I think what I will do however is build my sites to the point to where I can go no more and then have a disclaimer stating that the site is either for sale or seeking financial assistance.

What do you guys think of this?

gregg201 3/7/01 09:50 PM EST

Do you see how new.net works? If you get toy.shop, you're really getting toy.shop.new.net, and the "new.net" part is disguised.

What new.net is doing is like a bunch of people getting together, buying a big chunk of land in Arizona and starting their own community, neighborhoods and government. It sounds like a great idea, and it may work for some time - but there are a lot of unknowns and risks in getting any of these names.

Gregg - www.DomainWorthy.com

Tomsters 3/7/01 09:57 PM EST

what I understand is that this forwarding thing is temporary while they sign up isps. They have their own root.

gregg201 3/7/01 10:12 PM EST

Whatever new.net has or does can lead to major problems, if they are not given approval by ICANN. Love 'em or hate 'em, ICANN still has authority. If they choose to introduce a new .shop TLD later, there's gonna be problems.

Gregg - www.DomainWorthy.com

Tomsters 3/7/01 10:43 PM EST

there will potentially be some issues ahead if things happen in a way to bring about those issues.

Tomsters 3/8/01 12:22 AM EST

the main goal, which to me is to make it work, should figure in to any conflicts that might arise. Clearly, if you have similar ideas clashing no one will probably make any progress. Intelligent people would probably (not that i am or know any lol) mostly be concerned with making it work. I could be wrong though, i suppose.

Of course
Tomsters 3/8/01 12:24 AM EST

I didn't mean to suggest that Icann would be interested in making it work.

If ICANN introduces these TLDs later.
bigefred 4/7/01 05:44 PM EST

Can you imagine the class action suits againt new.net, in which new.net probably won't be liable because they never actually make the claim that they are selling you a genuine ICANN accredited domain name... geez.

they are going for patent
anjan 4/7/01 05:52 PM EST

If ICANN starts it before getting the patent approved then only u hvae a risk.It don't seem so
Get .com .net .org in 8$ visit www.cutedomain.com
buy freeslut.net in 150$
slutgame.com in 100$
.see auctions

andyolds 3/8/01 01:04 PM EST

Guess which highly respected Afternic member and editorialist nabbed this choice New.net domain? Naughty girl, JO!

cherrybomb 3/8/01 01:16 PM EST

Media and Internet company AOL Time Warner Inc.s America Online Inc. said on Thursday that worldwide membership for its flagship AOL Internet service has surpassed 28 million.

If New.net could form a partnership with AOL I've got two words for you...Hang ON!

Full story here.

Save your money
91corvette 3/11/01 10:08 AM EST

There is no possible way this system will work for the bigger players. Anything that takes any effort on the consumers part will not work for a couple of reasons. The internet using public in general are not technically oriented. They will not put forth the effort necessary in order to tweak thier browsers. I hope you all do well but my money will stay where the big business is.

Save your money to stay where you are
LarryWentz 3/11/01 12:35 PM EST

The process is already extremely simple for consumers to download the new.net applet. It takes about 15 seconds. More and more ISPs (besides Earthlink, Netzero, etc..) will have the option included in their software or will offer it to their users because there will be a financial incentive to do so. There won't be any "tweaking" needed in a growing number of cases. A lot of revolutionary ideas/concepts were originally looked as "not likely" in the beginning.

"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." Ken Olson, president/founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977.

Save your money if you aren't willing to take a risk and stay stationary. Stick your neck out if you want to get ahead.

"Excellence can be attained if you dare more than others think is
wise, Risk more than others think is safe, Dream more than others think is
practical, and Expect more than others think is possible."
- Anon

Larry Wentz

You have a point...Sort of.
91corvette 3/21/01 08:13 AM EST

I do not deny the validity of your statements and your points are well taken. One thing that has been overlooked by most people is this; The very thing that makes .coms valuable is thier scarcity. New.nets concept allows them (and any other registrar who decides to try the concept) to have an unlimited supply of TLDs. This could very possibly include 5 different companies offering .free or .hola. Where your browser resolves to would depend on the latest applet you've downloaded to your browser. Does this sound like it may get a little confusing when Joe Blow plugs travel.info into his browser at home and comes up with sub-saharan scuba diving vacations yet when he goes to work and does the same thing he get Alaskan Tundra Adventures? What type of large corporation will spend tens of thousands to develop a site with a domain name that his customers have a hard time finding? This means that the supply is unlimited while the demand is certainly not.

Your entreprenuerial spirit is admirable and I hope all of your dreams come true. I would also like to say that I agree ICANN is a bunch of high brow, self-serving beauracrats but unforunately they do have the authority to dictate domain name standards for the internet. This authiority is what instills confidence in Big Business and keeps the $'s flowing through the system. Big Business, Big Brother and ICANN all have a vested interest in making sure the internet works and you can bet your bottom dollar they will not allow some small fry named new.net to spoil thier party.

foze 4/9/01 12:44 AM EST



I think Afternic needs to get on the ball
CTrain 4/10/01 12:32 PM EST

I can not believe people are bidding on the new tld's, there is no promise you will get it, and two you are crazy to pay that much unless you are going to build on it.

I am a prospector, I build a little but I buy and resell a lot so the idea of spending 70K + for Show.biz is unheard of. And do not think they will not sue you for the money either, they will come and get you. It just goes to show you how crazy the name game has gotten.
I will take my WWW.shop over any .biz (with the exception of www.biz, and show.biz) those are two good names.

oohdale 3/5/01 10:44 AM EST

Sounds to me like someone needs to do something in this area.ICANN isn't doing much,but then maybe it's more complicated than it appears to be.Like TOMSTERS said timing is "everything" oh! and "MONEY" too.Freedom to choose HUUMMM! sounds like an American thing to me.

They haved signed up Eartlink.
att 3/5/01 12:01 PM EST

How long will it tak AOL and MSN to follow?
First the Berlin wall, now the ICANN wall is falling. Mike Roberts and grandfather Cerf GET OUT OF THE WAY BEFORE YOU ARE CRUSHED along with rest of your cronnies.
Also with Verisign shafting ICANN last week by pruning some dead wood and acquiring the holy grail plus the fact they are on board with dot tv expect Verisign to market new.net tld's. They may just have to wait a little longer until they have the ICANN deal in the bag.

The Potential Profit here is Too Great to ignore:
NetMarketer 3/5/01 11:56 AM EST

New.net is on the money here. Literally. The potential for profit if this idea succeeds is far too great to ignore. What we have to watch for is new partnerships with old internet agitators such as IoDesigns (the .web people) and others who were cut out by ICANN.
Also, New.Net needs to quickly gain buy-in from ISPs and internet power-houses such as AOL (not likely for AOL).
The key here is to "own" the extensions through trademarking and fair use before ICANN does anything to claim the extensions itself.
If this effort succeeds, I don't have to tell the Afternic community how much money there is to be made there. Specialized names with .shop or .travel, if made available to even half of all U.S. internet users, will be valuable properties.
Look for an advertising surge to draw buyers. Also, keep your eyes peeled for key "opt-ins" from industry leaders such as @home networks, AOL, and others.

The New.Net user agreement permits the 3rd person transfer of their domain names, so speculating is allowed. They're pretty tight on the trademarking issue, so the comment above regarding Yahoo.travel and Yahoo.shop is fairly moot. Buy those and you're throwing your money away (as well as causing problems for yourself).

As for myself, I plan to develop the 3 .shops I picked up today.

What did you get?
Tomsters 3/5/01 12:00 PM EST

I got 8 generic .shop names. What did you get if you don't mind me asking?

Real value
att 3/5/01 12:07 PM EST

Dot shop and dot travel cannot be ignored. Look who bought books.shop and a bunch of other generic .shop terms.
Hey Tomsters good luck with your .shop's but I have a funny feeling you will not need much luck once the big ISP's get on board.
As for me I am off to cancel my ISP membership and sign up with Earthlink. I am not waiting for the other ISP's to follow suit.

Tomsters 3/5/01 12:10 PM EST

thank you very much. I wish you great luck as well. I'm gonna check out earthlink as well. They (earthlink) really are huge aren't they?


The names I picked up...
NetMarketer 3/5/01 12:13 PM EST

Actually, I picked up a couple names which I won't reveal right now. I also picked up tackle.shop to hopefully use with my troutworld.com website.

In addition, I took shot at China.travel after having read the article on the "most requested" names in the .pro/.biz/.info arena. I'll use my existing relationship with some travel websites to push package travel deals to China on this one.

Oh yeah, I got Sex.med for giggles, I think I'll sell actual health related products there. I'm not comfortable with pushing actual pornography. I think it's immoral.

What did you grab?

I think I'll
Tomsters 3/5/01 12:16 PM EST

follow your lead and not reveal too much but basically super generic .shop names. My weakest name is probably shopping.shop.

China.travel is vert smart. I wish you tremendous success.


I'm glad everyone posting their ideas here...
cherrybomb 3/5/01 01:27 PM EST

First off...I have been with earthlink for over two years and would not consider another service besides this one, their great. Be sure to sign up with them TODAY!

Second, I have registered 5 names with new.net so far, and I'm very proud of the ones I have. The list includes women.shop, men.shop, american.travel, sugar.free, diabetic.med, and physicians.med.

Do you guys know if Afternic plans on listing these names?

ICANN will be scrambling to review rejected tld's.
att 3/5/01 01:37 PM EST

You will see more decisions being made by ICANN in the coming weeks than they have made in their entire history.
Around about now, the IATA president is probably screaming down the phone at Cerf.

I list some:
Tomsters 3/5/01 01:47 PM EST

I have:


And more.

Anybody else care to list?

They've crashed!
Tomsters 3/5/01 02:06 PM EST

The are listing the names as available again - don't worry - I've spoken with them and they have the registrations and nobody can register on top of you. Still, glad i took those screenshots. Do not worry!


att 3/6/01 07:28 PM EST

Has to be the best I have seen. Unbelievable, any customer that wants to buy a new pc, all they have to do is tpye pc.shop in their browser. Get yourself a trademark lawyer quick.

Tomsters 3/6/01 07:31 PM EST

for your kind words. I'm on it.

Check out the USPTO database.
att 3/6/01 07:35 PM EST

51 applications for .shop domains including some prick trying to get exclusive rights to .shop.
search term: $.shop
1 application for .travel, it's dead.

Thats the
Tomsters 3/6/01 07:47 PM EST

first thing I noticed with looking up angles on the trademark issues. I doubt you can trademark an extension - you can try though. It would interfere with too many others rights and probably never get approved.

Another angle that could be made is say you have an extension of (lets agree keep real names and extensions out of it):

.do and you register the domain doggie.do

Say there exists a trade mark for Doogie Do. Could they claim tm infringement? You would think not because the do is an extension and not part of the name in a general way. Still, with trademarks, its very confusing. I'm sure it will all in the end come down to intent so protect yourself. With .shop, new.net is already associated with it so I bet it has little chance. Who knows.

I'm surprised
Tomsters 3/6/01 07:57 PM EST

none of my names have been attempted. Interesting.

How do you find out...
cherrybomb 3/6/01 08:09 PM EST

How do you find out if any of your names have been attempted, as you say you have done?

Tomsters 3/6/01 08:21 PM EST


http://www.nameprotect.com/cgi-bin/FREEsearch/search.cgi?vendor_ id=14040

Do a trademark search for .shop if that is the extension you want to look. I think you are ok though.


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