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gregg201's Forum Posts

Industry News: Registration News
I'm not making sense? Please! 4/24/01 04:40 PM EST
Replying to Tomsters at my message level (replying to Tomster's message is not allowed below his thread level)... I knew if someone was going to reply to my message it would...

Industry News: Registration News
new.net 4/24/01 03:33 PM EST
I'm not going to get into an argument going back and forth on this issue. I likely won't change the minds of the new.net proponents, especially after they've dumped a bunch of ...

Industry News: Registration News
new.net 4/24/01 02:03 PM EST
I agree with your comments and those of cartoonz. And I have previously given my opinions about why new.net is not a new idea and the pitfalls of alternate root systems. Unfo...

Industry News: Domain Marketplace
Realtor (R) 4/1/01 08:11 PM EST
I also once thought "realtor" was a generic word, but Realtor is, in fact, a trademark of the National Association of Realtors. My (Random House) dictionary even defines Realto...

Industry News: Registration News
Business.. 3/19/01 05:29 PM EST
Taking care of "business" can also mean taking a sh** and it sold for $7.5 million. Anyway, it's hard to argue against the brilliant logic presented by some of the participant...

Industry News: Registration News
It matters... 3/19/01 11:38 AM EST
It matters when you're a business with a web address and customers can't get to your site. No serious, major company will base their reputation and online identity with an inve...

Industry News: Registration News
The Best Opportunities... 3/18/01 09:33 PM EST
The Best Opportunities right now are in preregistrations of .biz and .info names, sanctioned by ICANN. There will also be opportunities with multilingual domain names, but tim...

Industry News: Registration News
New.Net may create big problems. 3/18/01 09:23 PM EST
I wrote the following comments in response to an article at: http://www.zdnet.com/smartbusinessmag/stories/all/0,6605,2688753,00.html --------------------------------------- ...

Industry News: Registration News
Is it new or not??? 3/10/01 01:55 PM EST
Certainly, as I have stated, what is new with new.net is that they have made some impressive alliances, meaning the connections with the ISPs they have mentioned, which saves s...

Industry News: Registration News
It ain't new. It's old. 3/10/01 11:45 AM EST
www.adns.net has been offering .earth, .z and .usa names for quite some time. www.PacificRoot.com has also been offering a number of TLDs, also for quite some time... I believ...

Industry News: Registration News
What took you so long? 3/10/01 12:08 AM EST
I knew the great Tomsters would eventually get to me. It's good to know that there's at least one expert out there who knows everything about the domain industry. By the way,...

Industry News: Registration News
Yes. 3/9/01 10:40 PM EST
You are correct. A lot of people are going to get burnt. And now, you can get .golf domains (not recommended) at golftld.com. I will soon be offering my own new TLDs... ....

Industry News: Registration News
Still... 3/7/01 10:12 PM EST
Whatever new.net has or does can lead to major problems, if they are not given approval by ICANN. Love 'em or hate 'em, ICANN still has authority. If they choose to introduce...

Industry News: Registration News
Danger! 3/7/01 09:50 PM EST
Do you see how new.net works? If you get toy.shop, you're really getting toy.shop.new.net, and the "new.net" part is disguised. What new.net is doing is like a bunch of peo...

Industry News: Domain Marketplace
Where are we going with this?.... 3/2/01 01:52 AM EST
First of all, ML domains will "wake up," and it will be within months, and before the end of 2001. Maybe not as attractive as .biz names (to Americans), the value will still b...

Industry News: Domain Marketplace
You are wrong. 3/1/01 10:28 PM EST
Pre-registration with the right registrar can get you some great names. I've got some multilingual gems by pre-registering. Things may be different with the .biz and .info na...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
What's interesting... 2/26/01 10:52 PM EST
What's interesting is how they rolled out the first ML domains. It was not highly publicized and MANY people didn't even know it was coming. A lot of average Joes still don't...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
What good are ML Domains.... 2/26/01 09:58 PM EST
You may never surf a website with a Spanish or Portuguese web address, but I'm sure a lot of people in and outside of South America will. And who do you think would want the S...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
Multilingual Names 2/23/01 11:22 AM EST
I have also registered some Japanese ML names, including a few one-character Japanese dot-com names. I think that the internationalization of the internet is the next logical ...

Policy & Legal: Legislation
Grace Period is Okay! BUT NSI, don't overdo it! 12/29/00 10:24 AM EST
I think there should be a grace period, and I think that 85 days is reasonable. I believe it is fair to give a domain name owner the chance to keep his or her web address in t...

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