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New Top Level Domain extensions will soon be introduced on the Internet. Afternic, in partnership with Register.com, is now accepting requests for any domain with a .info, .biz or .pro ending.

Using Afternic's Exclusive, 'NEW EXTENSIONS' search, you can check the status of the most valuable new domains. Afternic has compiled lists of dictionary terms, common English words, top Internet search terms, places, common names and more. Using this powerful tool you'll be able to determine what names have been requested and where the opportunities are. Even if the name you want has been requested by someone else you should still request it in case that person is unsuccessful in getting it.

Making a request for a domain name is FREE. To get started, simply enter the word you're looking for into the 'NEW EXTENSIONS' search box above.

Please note that requesting a domain name is a distinctly different process from registration. While we will attempt to register the domains you have requested on your behalf, your TLD Request is not exclusive (anyone will be able to request the domain name), nor is there any guarantee that you will be able to register the domain name that you requested.

Note: Register.com and Afternic.com make no guarantees that the names you have requested will be successfully registered. In addition there may be reasons why register.com and afternic.com will not be able to submit your requests including, without limitations, that the registry for any new TLD may never go live and begin accepting registrations or that the registry may impose restrictive criteria as to what names may be registered and when they may be registered.

Learn more about the New Extensions or read the FAQ

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