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Industry News: Registration News
You scooped me on this one. 3/28/01 02:17 AM EST
I too, posted on this article in the International forum. Looks like you beat me to it. Sorry I didn't notice your post first. Nice work. I hope that Walid decides to be se...

Policy & Legal: International
Patent flap slows multilingual domain name plan. 3/28/01 01:42 AM EST
The complete article can be found here: http://www.cnn.com/2001/TECH/internet/03/27/patents.slow.IETF.idg/index.html The IETF seems to be resigned to circumvent any licen...

Industry News: Domain Marketplace
ICANN Workgroup on Multilingual domain names 3/15/01 04:54 PM EST
I wonder if this will delay Verisign's proposed date for resolution of the Chinese/Japanese/Korean names in the testbed. They were slated to have full resolution by late March...

Industry News: Registration News
It was in your portfolio. 3/8/01 02:46 PM EST
It was in your portfolio but now you have removed it. Why? Normm

Industry News: Registration News
Creditapproval.tv is in your portfolio. 3/8/01 02:39 PM EST
You were also the first to report this. What is your involvement in this? Just curious. Normm

Industry News: Registration News
Hold on a minute... 3/8/01 11:50 AM EST
I went to this Creditapproval.tv site. There is no company name. There is no contact phone number. There is no privacy policy. There are no indication of who they are. Even...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
Nice Romaji Get any Kanji? 3/6/01 05:32 AM EST
Are all of your Japanese domains in Romaji? Have you purchased any Kana or Kanji .com's. Do you get any traffic on the Romaji? Normm

Industry News: Registration News
Is there an echo in here? 3/6/01 04:58 AM EST

Industry News: Registration News
. 3/6/01 04:52 AM EST

Industry News: Registration News
Point Taken Neeby, Still... 3/6/01 04:50 AM EST
If you can guarantee 16 million people will be able to access your .neeby domain I'll give you $500.00 for sex.neeby Normm

Industry News: Registration News
Point Taken Neeby, Still... 3/6/01 04:47 AM EST
If you can guarantee 16 million people will be able to access your .neeby domain I'll give you $500.00 for sex.neeby Normm

Industry News: Registration News
International names at New.Net 3/5/01 07:16 PM EST
Has anybody read their statement about International names? It would seem to me that if they were to partner up with I-DNS.Net they would be pretty much guaranteed of having t...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
Oops. Typo.... 2/28/01 02:03 AM EST
The line should have read, 'Even though they must pass a written English exam to earn their high school diploma, most Japanese speak and write only Japanese (not English) a...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
Wow 2/27/01 02:11 AM EST
Those are great! You are fortunate to have some grasp of another language. I am finding that the dictionaries for the other languages are greatly diminished compared to the As...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
Love to love you baby. 2/27/01 02:02 AM EST
Yeah.. You got it. All of that creative thinking registering domains in English might just pay off in Greek. There is some remarkable potential there as well that could imp...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
The quiet revolution. 2/27/01 01:33 AM EST
Thank you for your input. It is reassuring to know that others have noticed the same things that I have. It is a big world out there and there are vast numbers of web pages i...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
I envy your sense. 2/27/01 12:41 AM EST
Based on some pretty simple assumptions I would say that you have some of the premier multilingual names. If I understand correctly you purchased names based on what had sold ...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
Verisign vs. I-Dns 2/27/01 12:21 AM EST
Hiya Tom! In keeping with the excellent critiquing practices of addideas (Canadians are so painfully polite) I would like to admonish you for your timely comments and excel...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
Exactamente 2/26/01 10:38 PM EST
Bank=Banko (Place to borrow money from) Bank=Batteria (A battery or bank of ...) Thank you for sharing the pitfalls and benefits of the online dictionaries. You are right ...

Business Resources: Metrics & Trends
You are correct. You are not the target audience. 2/26/01 10:18 PM EST
Yes you are correct. It is doubtful that you would type @#$%@#$%.com into your browser unless you spoke Japanese. Clearly, English speaking people are not the target audience...

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