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News Updated 05/25/2001 03:15 PM EST

ICANN Votes to Let VeriSign Keep .com Registry/Registrar

In an unsurprising 12-3 vote, the ICANN board approved the ICANN staff's plan to renogotiate its agreement with VeriSign.

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Congressional Pressure on ICANN Builds (NewsFactor Network)
Three U.S. congressmen are asking the Bush Administration to review the deal between VeriSign and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the independent body that oversees the Internet's top-level domain (TLD) naming system.
ICANN, VeriSign Come to Terms on Landmark Deal (AtNewYork)
Monday's decision still requires the approval from the Department of Justice before it can be implemented, a process that will be scrutinized closely by Congress.
ICANN Gives .Com to VeriSign (Newsbytes)
Under the deal, VeriSign will be allowed to retain back-end control over the .com registry until 2007 and beyond in exchange for surrendering its control over .org.
ICANN Board Approves VeriSign Deal in Rushed Meeting (ICANNWatch)
The ICANN board of directors voted 12-3 (one abstention) to approve the revised VeriSign agreement.
Forum Thread

ICANN Votes to Let VeriSign Keep .com Registry/Registrar   Afternic.com 4/2/01 04:06 PM EST
verisign will enjoy monopoly   anjan 4/7/01 05:42 PM EST

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