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Ordering the Domain Universe
Ordering the Domain Universe
by Afternic.com on 3/22/01 at 11:56 AM EST
An examination of requests for .info, .biz, and .pro names by subject area reveals that the top domains are all business

Top Web Names Available Now and NOT from NEW.NET
etornado 3/22/01 02:00 PM EST

We are months away from these new domains... and then we are going to have a lot of disputes as to who should get what.

Anybody looking for a quality generic domain that is easy to remember and market should look at Web.com names (www.web.com).

Thousands of quality names are still available... many that are on the Top 500 .biz/.info/.pro Requests list.

Names are only $28 a year and even many of the top premium names are available in the aftermarket under 1k. I suggest everyone look at this option. Sub-Domains are gaining in popularity... the networks have been really taking advantage of theirs w/ ABC and NBC taking the lead. I don't think the names will be selling for 100's of thousands... but I think they certainly could be worth in the tens of thousands. A real good domain option for small to medium businesses.

Take these for example.... ALL AVAILABLE FOR ONLY $995 EACH:


scott9000 3/27/01 03:11 PM EST

yeah, this is a new one.
Pretty confusing for people to remember, though.

I can picture some guy trying to remember that address.
Was that www.free.web.com?

Seems Pretty Easy To Me
etornado 3/28/01 12:36 PM EST

Actually... I think the domains are pretty easy to remember. You don't need the "www" and actually I don't think anybody should be using it anyway.

A domain such as: free.web.com looks good, sounds good, it is easy to spell, and unless you are a real moron should be very easy to remember. It is pure simplicity in my mind.

I challenge you to aquire free.com or free.net... and do it for under $1,000. Best of luck. For less than 1k somebody can get free.web.com and then just pay the annual $28 renewal fees.

These names are perfect for a small to medium business or even for somebody to use as a hobby site. AND JUST WAIT... in the next year or two you will see the new tld .web and then these names will be worth even more.

To sum up... I strongly believe that web.com names are an affordable smart domain option. Where else can you get high profile generic domains? AND SPEND LESS THAN 1k? These names work with every browser and email... unlike the crazy NEW.NET scam. Don't want to spend $995... ok, goto web.com and spend $28 on any one of thousands of available names. You can't go wrong for spending $28 or even $995 for one of the best.

New.net is not a scam
Wireless 3/30/01 05:50 PM EST

And I challenge you to prove that it is.

A scam impies deception. There is no deception practiced by anyone from New.net. Your statement is libelous.

I think I would have a case...
etornado 3/30/01 06:23 PM EST

In my opinion NEW.NET is a scam. I purchased one NEW.NET name to see how it worked. I think they are misleading people and that they don't have the ability to sell/register what they offer.

1. They don't have the authority to start new TLD's.

2. It really isn't a Top Level Domain unless it can be resolved by all dns servers w/ standard configs. The root servers don't recognize any of their TLD's.

3. It really is a 3rd and 4th level domain... example: sex.xxx.new.net.

4. It doesn't work with email unless you use the new.net address.

5. To get it to work you have to use their plug-in or use one of their partner isp's. NOTE: I have earthlink @ home w/ a mac and a pc a it didn't resolve until I made dns/plug in changes. If it doesn't work w/ all browsers and all isp's then in my mind it isn't a true TLD and a scam.

6. You have to search thru their site to find out the real truth in the fine print. Example: You have to search to find out the truth about email use.

7. Because I said so... I emailed you at your NEW.NET TLD that it was a scam... didn't you get the email? Ha Ha

Nothing new
Wireless 3/30/01 06:50 PM EST

1) They don't need any authority to do anything. What authority would they need? ICANN? Please! what a JOKE they are. You probably sent them $50,000 like a lot of other suckers, huh? Then they say the new extensions won't be released on time as they had planned. Now THAT is a SCAM!

2) As I said, they are not claiming that these are TRUE TLDs. Therefore it is not a scam. Next!

3) True, but they aren't claiming that the names are true top level domains. We know this already. If they tried to say that the names were true TLDs, then that would be a scam. Sorry, nice try.

4) They are working on this issue right now. They've only been around for a month, give them time! Jeez!

5) I know how to get the names to work -- you d/l a plug-in. Big deal, 30 seconds of your time. Then you have cool names, unlike Cannot-GetAGoodDotCom-NameFor-MySite.com -- LOL

6) All you have to do is ask a question on the Forum and you'll have an answer, maybe lots of them.

7) Oh, because you said so? Well, THAT will convince me.

You are just jealous because you didn't get any good names, and when this thing takes off, you will be left in the dust. See ya! HA HA HA

GordonV 4/20/01 01:47 PM EST

The .web is a great idea if you are involved in the industry ...but the general public does not get it.

When .TV came out all the media stations adopted the .TV and co-branded it.......take a look at your news station now.....They have dropeed the .TV branding and are now sticking with the .com

If the Television industry can't do it.......it will not happen.
Watch the Lakers kick some Portland buttox this weekend...and notice the ads on the court. You will only see the DOTCOM and a few DOTNETS....Think about it????


Add your site to our TOP LIST

Pure advertising - forget it!
kuli 4/25/01 05:47 AM EST

This is pure advertising in its worst. You only write this to make money, not to tell us your real opinion.

It's useless to pay that much money for a 3rd level domain. Why should you? There are so many alternatives like us.com, biz.com, or even free services like web.ag. These names are good for private sites or very small businesses, but not for professional ones.

Anyway .shop ,.xxx has got a auction service
anjan 4/1/01 11:49 AM EST

Nice to see.What ever is future of new tld domains.
A domain auction service is started

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